Gulf Shores, AL

Our final overnight stop on our Quintessential Southern Road Trip was Gulf Shores, AL (Orange Beach). Alabama was my 20th new state after Louisiana and Mississippi (Memphis was also on this trip).

Gulf Shores is everything you would imagine spring break to be. We were only there for one night and one day, and the weather was cloudy and gross, so we didn’t actually look like a scene from Spring Breakers. Instead, we had a blast running through the icy waves and picking shells out of the sand like we did when we were five.

We ate lunch at The Steamer because the menu had some chicken options for me but all the seafood my friends could eat. The blackened chicken sandwich is ideal if you’re like me, and Becca enjoyed the crab.

We left the car down by the beach, put on our matching “New Orleans Road Trip 2016” tees, and headed out to do some souvenir shopping. There are A TON of little beach stores. We started out by all getting anklets, and ended with Becca buying a pet hermit crab. She now has two and a 10-gallon tank…

Unfortunately, it was still rainy and gross at that point and there’s not too much to do indoors unless you want to see a movie or hang out at an arcade. We checked into the Microtel by Wyndham (nicer than it sounds) and relaxed for a bit before heading back towards the beach to The Hangout (home of the Hangout music festival) for dinner and a fun time.

I was AMAZED by the energy of the place. We happened to walk in right in the middle of a dance break. There was a disco ball spinning and line dances (Cupid Shuffle, the Wobble, etc) blasting, and at one point two waiters closed in on us on those little scooter things you used in elementary school gym class. After eating, we stepped outside to hear a bit of the live country cover band. It was an eventful final night of the trip.

After dinner, something we did that you MUST do is try some of Matt’s homemade ice cream. I had the peppermint twist, which tasted like Christmas.

Gulf Shores is absolutely a party town, but it was fairly serene on a Thursday in early March. I want to experience it in the middle of the summer.

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