Jackson, MS

While planning my Quintessential Southern Road Trip, I assumed Jackson would be the historical portion of the trip. The city itself is conveniently located between Memphis and Baton Rouge, and I needed to check Mississippi off my list. I figured we would go to civil war museums and read about black history in the south…I mean, it’s Jackson, Mississippi. I kept thinking about The Help.

I was pretty far off.

It didn’t help that we were there on a Sunday…I would suggest you don’t do that. Everything was closed or closing early. We wanted to go to Mynelle Gardens, but that was closed, and the science museum we wanted to check out wasn’t open until 1. That’s probably because the entire city was at church –

-and so our Jackson adventure began downtown.

Downtown Jackson is beautiful, but it was completely deserted late Sunday morning. We got the vibe that it was always that deserted. It didn’t feel like the safest area, so we didn’t spend too much time there.

Tours are offered every day at the Capitol building, but we opted to wander around the outside of the building and take some cute pictures (seen below).

There is a model of the liberty bell outside the Capitol building, and I am very ashamed to share with you all that another tourist walked by and asked us if that was the original. *Face-palm*

So we wandered around on foot for about 45 minutes before heading back out towards the Mississippi Museum of Natural Science, which I highly recommend 10/10. I researched civil war museums in the area and came up with nothing that looked too  exciting. I found this instead, and it seemed to be more our speed for spring break.

The inside of the museum features exhibits outlining wildlife in the Mississippi River and its surrounding areas. There are interactive exhibits that small children and college students acting like small children can all enjoy. Outside, assuming the weather allows for it, the museum is host to a small-ish loop of nature trails.  I was silmutaneously impressed with nature’s beauty and dissapointed in humanity – the trails and the water were littered with beer cans and forgotten lunch wrappers.

We spent a good three hours at the museum before heading off to Babalu Tacos and Tappas for dinner, which I highly recommend. Adorable place, and they make the guac right in front of you. I’m not a big guac person and it was delicious. We ended the night at a local movie theater seeing Zootopia (which we all loved).

Jackson was not what I expected, and I’m glad we didn’t stay more than 2 nights, but I enjoyed the time we spent there.

Watch a short video of our time in Jackson here.

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