Can You Have A Pet and Be A World Traveler?

Can you Travel and Have Pets? | 50 States by 25

Confession: I am an introverted homebody.

I want to see the world, but I want to come home to the same place every night. I want to wake up next to my husband with our dog at our feet. I thrive on the comfort of grabbing a t-shirt from my dresser instead of tossing my clothes from my carryon all over my hotel room, and taking a long-hot shower in my master bathroom instead of standing there like an idiot trying to figure out how to turn on the hotel shower.

When I come home, I come home to a dog, two cats, and a hedgehog. Traveling can be tricky with my four fur babies! Luna, my hedgehog, is easy peasy, but someone has to feed the cats and walk the dog. HOWEVER, people always ask me if I regret adopting so many animals or they question my sanity when I say “we’re thinking of getting another puppy. Also, we’re going on a southwestern road trip next week.”

Here’s my answer to my questioners: if you are a responsible pet owner and have a solid plan in place, how is it any different from parents who go on vacations without their kids? If anything, pets are the EASIER choice! No one goes up to a pregnant woman and says, “oh, travel will be hard now, huh?” I’m not a mother yet, but I’m guessing it’s a lot easier to find someone to check in on your animals than having someone babysit your child for a week.

We are lucky in that my in-laws live only an hour from us and they love taking our dog in when we travel. For the cats, we either borrow favors from friends, or we pay someone from to come and feed them! We also have a pet cam set up in our house so whenever we aren’t home, we can check in and see how the animals are doing (and even talk to them).

I guess my point in saying all of this is that I don’t think a desire to travel should prevent you from experiencing the joys of pet parenthood, and I don’t think pet parenthood should stop you from seeing all that the world has to offer.

PLUS…this of course depends on the dog, but it’s easier to travel with a dog than you think! Heck, we’ve even traveled with cats a couple times. I wouldn’t really recommend flying with a pet and trying to stick ’em under the seat in front of you, but if your pet is trained and has the right temperament, you can certainly head out on some road trips with your pup.

When in doubt, check out the tab above for “Travel with Pets” and pick a pet-friendly city to visit.

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Travel Goals Club owner. Writer. Introvert. Overly obsessed with my two dogs and two cats.

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